My First Entry :)

Hello :D  My name is Avanov, but you can call me Ava. I'm 11 years old I like to play Roblox- Roblox is an online game :)  I play it with my friends, ALWAYS well not always.. but you get what i mean right?- I use discord to voice call them sometimes ! They're the best <3 I have three cats, the names are Bingo, Itam and Nico Itams my favourite cat.. AH ANYWAYS! Meet my friends 'cus i dont know what else to say This is Ariane, she was in my class when primary 1,2 and 3 (broken  E nglish hehe) She's smart.. In the mimic and other horror games 🤭 This is Theresa! She is my swaggy bestie 😼 We always play together, she's the best <3 Fun Fact: we're both not smart HEHE Me and my other swag besties always slam the door on her when we play the mimic and other horror games  And.. Meet ralph! (and me) I'm the tall girl on the right and ralphs the short girl on the left  I don't know why his roblox character is a girl but he changed his roblox character to a